Increase your sales with modern menu

Replace your old-school menu with dynamic and feature-rich menu


Features & Benefits

Dynamic, Informative, Visual

Menu browsing

It's intuitive and much easier to browse than a traditional or a PDF-based menus

Environment Friendly

By using less traditionally consumed marketing materials such as flyers, menus, and signs, you help protect the environment.

Efficient Service

The way the menu is displayed, you will save many questions everyday to the service staff and they will not waste time on distributing and collecting menus.


After the QR scan, guests do not need to install an app or download a PDF.


Increase sales with engaging images and save money by eliminating the need for paper.

Updating & maintenance

Having and maintaining your own digital menu is costly and distracting. You benefit from regular updating and improvement without additional costs.

How it works

One-time Setup



Create an account to get started.


Create Restaurant

Add information about your restaurant


Edit Menu

Start adding dishes and drinks to your menu


Publish Menu

Make your menu visible publicly


Print QRCode

Create QRcode and print it

Regular Workflow


Edit Menu

Modify items in your menu on demand


Publish menü

make changes public

Frequently Asked Questions

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Free Early-Access

It is a piece of cake, send your menu, receive QR code, scan with your phone to navigate your menu

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